The Genesis of Harlem


Find out how and why Harlem was founded. We were incorporated as a city shortly after the Civil War. How we got our name is an interesting little story as well. Join us on a journey through time.

Harlem Did it First


As the first incorporated city in Columbia County, Georgia, Harlem was a trend setter from its founding in 1870 through the early 20th Century. 

Celebrating Our People


We celebrate our entire community and all of their accomplishments. We have many people from Harlem that have accomplished fantastic and marvelous things. We have one section dedicated to outstanding citizens that will rotate quarterly. Many others are recognized in their areas of expertise.

The Marvels of Education


We show the progression from the first school bell ever used in Harlem through integration. We celebrate how far we've come while acknowledging the road still ahead.

Museum and Theater


We have moved from our old location. We currently have a larger facility with more exhibit, retail and theater space. We show Laurel and Hardy movies during business hours and 2nd/3rd Run Movies every other Friday evening.

The Laurel and Hardy Museum of Georgia


Harlem is the Birthplace of Oliver Norvell Hardy. Through our exhibits, we tell the story of his life, Stan's life, the of meeting Stan Laurel and Ollie Hardy, their careers, and their cultural influence.